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Although we are a general health blog, our content is written in a way that’s meant to be accessible to everyone — from the dedicated health buff who wants to stay in-the-know to the overwhelmed person who’s busy schedule prevents better choices. We make every article as easy to understand and as comprehensive and current as possible.

We have a mission at Dr. Bratt: to help you make smarter health choices.

What to Expect from Our Health Blog

Written by experienced health and medical writers, Dr. Bratt’s content starts you off with diligently researched medical diseases, from the common arthritis to the little-known zika virus. Our editorial team also covers the everyday health concerns, such as pain, vitamin deficiencies, sore throats and obesity. We tell you what you need to know to help you figure out the next steps.

Dr. Bratt also covers conditions that affect specific populations, like eating disorders, ovarian cancer, narcolepsy and glaucoma, among many others. People dealing with mental health issues may also be able to find guidance and information about stress, anxiety disorders and PSTD.

Amid all the serious and chronic conditions are health and wellness articles because we believe in preventive health care — and it all starts with watching what you eat and getting active.

The Future of Health Care

The direction of the health care industry and care delivery is guided by innovative developments in technology. Dr. Bratt covers these changes that drive policies, diagnostics, treatments and the health care ecosystem.

From AI and data analytics to medical technology, you’ll find an article about the latest in health care on Dr. Bratt.

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Beth Laube is a contributing writer and editor for Dr. Bratt. Her writing career is extensive, having covered business and finance to health and medicine. In her previous career, Beth was a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company. 

Thomas Hale is a medical writer with nearly a decade’s experience in reporting. He is passionate about patient rights, helping the aging community understand their health condition and loves spending time outdoors with his family.

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